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Accelerating discovery in five NCI-designated Research Program areas, aiming to translate findings into more effective treatments

Shared Resources

Shared Resources

Six NCI-funded Shared Resources provide collective access to equipment, data and support, benefitting scientists whose research findings help improve patients' lives

Cancer Informatics

Cancer Informatics

Leveraging data to make health, education and discovery smarter

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Exploring new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer

Patients who participate in our advanced clinical trials are often
the first to benefit from promising new cancer treatments. 


Screening Trials study better ways to test for and detect cancer.

Prevention Trials test methods for reducing the risk of cancer in people who’ve never had it or for preventing it from recurring in patients who have.

Diagnostic Trials study procedures or tests for diagnosing specific types of cancers.Trials study procedures or tests for diagnosing specific types of cancers.

Therapeutic Trials look for new medicines, therapies and methods for treating cancer.

Quality of Life Trials explore ways to improve comfort and quality of life for cancer patients.


Phase I Trials evaluate how a new drug should be given, e.g. orally or intravenously; usually on a small number of patients.

Phase II Trials test drug safety and how well the new drug works, usually focusing on a particular type of cancer.

Phase III Trials test new drugs or surgical procedures in comparison to the current standard often including a large number of patients who are assigned to either the standard or new group.

Phase IV Trials evaluate side effects, risks and benefits of a drug over a longer period of time; usually a larger number of people than in Phase III. 


In addition to gaining access to new treatments that are not yet available to the general public, you help fellow patients and future generations by contributing to medical research. You may have access to innovative medicines, treatments or supportive therapies at low or no cost, too. And although clinical trials offer no guarantees, physicians believe that the study drug or cancer treatment will provide benefits equal to or better than the current standard therapies.

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Is a clinical trial right for you?

Ultimately, only you and your Cancer Care 360 team can determine if a clinical trial is appropriate. Our team will walk you through the key considerations and criteria for open trials, such as your age, the type and stage of cancer you have, any previous treatments you have undergone, and other medical conditions. 


For general information on Clinical Trials, contact the
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Clinical Research Organization at 215-955-1661.



Securing funding for research is a crucial step in the quest for a cure.
The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and research support teams at Jefferson Health are here to help manage the process.

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